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  • 2014 TOPS Research Achievement Award

    Congratulations to Michael Goran, PhD, Professor of Preventive Medicine, Director of the Childhood Obesity Research Center, and Co-Director of the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute as he has been awarded a prestigious 2014 TOPS Research Achievement Award from the Obesity Society. http://www.obesity.org/about-us/2014-award-and-grant-recipients.htm 

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  • Diabetes Detectives

    Click below for USC news story on Drs. Casey Donovan and Alan Watts’ work on two published papers addressing glucosensing mechanisms in the hepatic portal vein and the brain as they relate to insulin-induced hypoglycemia and counterregulatory responses. They believe this

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  • Western Society of Clinical Investigation Mayo Soley Award

    Congratulations to Tom Buchanan who was honored with the Western Society of Clinical Investigation Mayo Soley Award for lifetime achievement in medical research and mentorship on January 24, 2014 in Carmel, CA.  The award honors the lifetime achievement of outstanding

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